Original Photo before editing with GIMP
After editing with GIMP

Hey guys!

I was at the beach in Destin Florida back in 2016 and I was realized there are never any comfortable seats. I knew there had to be a way to incorporate the beach and comfortable seating some how and I finally discovered how to. I brought my huge armchair to the beach as you can see and laid across it while enjoying the beautiful weather. The picture taken shows a woman taking a picture of me because she is probably amazed about how truly remarkable it is that I figured out the best of both worlds. Comfort and the beach are the best pairs by a long shot. My seat thankfully was tall enough to not be able to touch the sand, so I do not have to deal with the discomfort of sand and cushions. I will start to incorporate different ways to bring these chairs everywhere and every beach will soon be filled with cushiony chairs. My next move is going to the sharks and try to get them to invest in my product item since I have something worthwhile to work towards. I almost forgot to mention I saw dolphins while on my trip!

Step by Step Tutorial

Firstly, using gimp add the photo of the main focus of your photo. Click on the scissor tool then trace the image in the photo with the dots until it reaches all the way around and then copy the cut image
Then, you will add in a photo of the background you would like to use.
After you will want to paste the photo of the main focus of the image and drag it to the location of the background you would like to keep it.
I personally cropped my photo to get a better capture of the image but that is option depending on preference.
You then will right click the main focus of the image and go to the scale feature and change scale of the image depending on how big or small you would like the image to be in the photo.

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