Hey guys!

Have you guys ever been in a situation where someone did not answer your phone call. Well I have answered your prays! You can now have the ability to talk to yourself over cellphone. I got into this predicament a couple months when I was putting air in my tires. I had an airhead moment and closed my car door with my car keys and phone inside. I realized quicker than you think that I made a horrible mistake. I had to use a nearby stores phone in order to get a hold of my mom for my spare key but to my surprise she did not respond. Even though in this situation my one way phone call would not have helped it would have brought comfort. I unfortunately had to walk 7 miles to get back to my house which would not have been that bad if it was not the end of January. The day was a a very chilly day that I certainly was not dressed to walk 7 miles. 

My road also is a very windy road with no sidewalks so it was not a fun walk. The comfort of being able to talk to someone on the long walk would have made the walk so much more bearable. Not to mention once I got home we realized the dealer ship never gave us a spare key. Being able to talk about something other than the circumstances would have turned my day completely around. 

Step by Step Tutorial

Press the red button on the top to record and have a one-sided conversation twice.
Choose one audio and go to effects then change pitch.
Now you can adjust the pitch however low or high you would want it.

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