Have you ever needed to make someone a virtual birthday card? Well, no need to look anymore I have made one for you. This birthday GIF was so nice for my cousin’s birthday today. She was so excited to receive it not to mention I did it with her favorite colors. Anyone can do this so go ahead and try it is so easy and fun to do! My cousin was happy I took the time to create this GIF for her so you guys can too for all your loved ones. If it was not for my cousin’s birthday I would have never learned how to make this amazing GIF and I would not be able to share it with you guys. Comment down below who you are going to make a GIF for their birthday.

Step by Step Tutorial

15086f474af3c1fe42022b5db389d659.png (1170×822)
You need a Microsoft word documents and GIMP for this. You need to make a base document and a second document with more images on it. Save this as a PDF.
Once you have both images added go to filter, animation, and then to optimize for gif. Then you can play the GIF by going filter, animation, and playback.
In order to export the GIF you must change the file type to GIF image.

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