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This type of celebration has to be the worst because its bittersweet. It is a lot more bitter once you realize you jumped the gun and lost your match before you know it. What is worse than that! I once was in this predicament when I use to play softball and my team thought we got the last out in a championship game when in actuality we did not. We started to celebrate as we thought we had won as the runner on the bases ran home one by one. We ended up losing the championship game by one run.

The loss was much much worse given we could have won the game but we let it slip through our finger tips. It was a crushing blow to our egos and our reputation for the reigning champions.    

Step by Step Tutorial

You need GIMP for this. Add the photos you would like to use to the program. Go to filter, animated, then to optimize for gif. Then play the GIF by going filter, animation, and playback.

In order to export the GIF you must change the file to GIF image.

This screen will pop up and you will change all the settings to match the above image.

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  1. Oh man! that really sucks! I played soccer seriously for years and the worst was thinking you had won the game and then losing it in the last couple of seconds. I also recall scoring a goal and celebrating and then having the team score on us right as the whistle blew because we didn’t have our head back in the game yet. Great work on your page here. Our assignment this week suggests that we should give some constructive criticism to one another so I’m not sure if you know that your link to your blog isn’t working on our class’ google docs page? I think if you just copy and paste it again it will work and then it will be easier for people to check out your page from our class 🙂

    1. Hey Jiamie! I am glad you liked my post it truly is awful when this happens in sports. Thank you so much for informing me about my blog’s link I have fixed it now.

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