Hey guys!

You might be wondering what movie could this possibly be. Well if you have not already tried guessing go ahead and try. Did you? I am assuming you guessed already so I will give you a couple of hints. The images are someone jumping, a street, a college graduation cap, and a gun. These images encompass the movie either through the title, attributes about the film, or the theme. Everyone makes another guess now! If you still do not know the movie stay tuned. In the movie, there are two main characters and they are both male and undercover cops. This movie is the sequel to the original film. Do you guys know what it is? Well, it is 22 Jump Street! I hope you guys were able to guess it.

Step by Step Tutorial

You need Microsoft Word to do this editing
I used the noun project website to get the images for my picture. I searched up the images and copied it to the word document. Then after adding them all to the document I copied and pasted into this post.

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