Before Gimp photo editor
After Gimp Photo Editor

This photo was taken in 2016 back when my dog Jessie was a puppy believe it or not. She was always a very obedient dog for everything.

Let’s just say taking a photo was the least amount of things she could do. She played tug a war and fetch which was unusual because usually dogs only did one. She always was begging to play.

Fun times

You first start out by choosing your image. Then, where my curser is you click it two times to duplicate it.

You then click on the first image on the right and go to colors and select Hue-Saturation and move the saturation all the way to -100.0.

Right above the images there will be a normal mode. You will change it to HSV Saturation.

The you click on the second image and going back the area that reads normal you choose dodge. Then go to color and choose invert this time.

After that you go to filters and under blur choose Gaussain Blur.

Then you adjust the size of X and Y depending on your photo’s size. I chose 30 but you can adjust to the image and what you like.

Then you go back to color and select level. This also can be adjusted for image but these are the numbers I chose.

Leave a comment if you want to know more details!

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