After Editing with facetune2
Before Editing with facetune 2

This resizing was made for me because I have had bad eyes since I was 9 years old. Not anymore it won’t, this allowed me to see everything in 20/20 vision. I have found a newfound love for the new shape of my eye for many reasons the number one is that this the best vision I have ever had. I need to get on reshaping the other one!

Oh! Here are my tips so you can do this too.

The first thing you need to do is choose an image or take an image with your phone. Then download facetune2 and go to the resizing feature on the app. You will then choose to refine and stretch the image gently. The more gentle you move your finger the more it will still kind of look like your eye. The app does come with an orange tint to it so if you are not doing it for fun you might need to edit a little more.

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