As we know Clarence is very care free, jovial, and naïve before we begin this story so let’s dive right in to discover more. 

Clarence has always been a special character doing things that not everyone would be up to be doing. Oddly, Clarence told me last Monday that he almost got arrested for trying to herd the animals out of the zoo. He claims the animals had spoke to him and told him to help them by rescuing them back to their original habitat. It does not stop just there though Clarence has a rescue pet but not everyone wants the animal he has. I can describe his pet Cuddles to you, he is a yellow spotted silky skin animal that is very long and wide. If you cannot think of the animal I will tell you in a second but can you imagine owning one of the most dangerous creatures and you did not even raise it. Now, Clarence owns a saw-scaled viper one of the most venomous snakes to exist. 

Oh my! I almost forgot I wanted to tell you what Clarence did last week. Clarence as we know is a special guy that does special things well this special thing in particular was that he was playing in the local kids park. I know him doing this is not too crazy or out the ordinary but Clarence would play tag with the kids as if they were all the same size. He knocked many kids off their feet which led to him having a very significant lead and Clarence is also 27 years old so watching a grown man play with 5 years olds is very weird.

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