I am Woody and it was been a long day of being with the wrong owner. I realized the people that took me take care of me funny by putting me in a case almost as if I am up for display but I am not judging just makes me feel a little woozy. I also got beaten pretty badly but the guy that took me got some old guy to clean me and he had a whole kit not just water and soap. In my opinion the old man ruined me because he painted over Andy’s name on my boot and that’s Andy’s signature for all of his toys. This makes me feel as if I am not Andy’s toy anymore I wish I could just make a run for it but it would expose everything all the toys in the universe worked so hard to accomplish being a toy. As I sit here motionless for many many minutes I feel helpless wondering where Andy is and why I was put in the yard sale in the first place. Although I could think about this for hours on end I could not help but be thankful to the old doctor guy that fixed me up. I had almost lost my arm but with the help of him I am good as new again which is the greatest thing to come out of this whole mess. By the end of this magnificent make over I am coming to terms with the fact I might be here or whatever here is forever or at least a long while. I do not think it will be too bad since they cleaned me very nicely and obviously want the best for me just like Andy did. Once they put me back in my case all I can think is if this guy has other toys besides just me. If I am going to be here awhile might as well have some friends to make it better.

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