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Hey guys!

You will not believe what I am about to tell you. I was on Vogue magazine and honestly, I was shocked to me but being a model is not a new gig for me. I used to model while in diapers so I guess you could say I was a cute kid. I was still very honored to be a part of this new opportunity and be able to experience this once in a lifetime dream. This Vogue photoshop was also taken in Richmond Botanical Gardens.

This location was not too far away from my house but still quite a drive. I do have some friends in the area of Richmond, so I do know the area pretty well. I was nineteen at the time of this photoshop and besides getting good money for the shoot I also got to look at different scenic views including butterflies and beautiful flowers. The drive to the shoot was probably the worst part about the whole ordeal given the direction to the location was two hours away. I am not a morning person so the photoshoot being at 9:00 a.m. was a struggle for me especially accounting for the time of driving. Thankfully, my outfit was already picked out before arriving at the location so there was not much preparation I needed to do before leaving my house. Oh my! I almost forgot there was a beautiful pond at the location, and I cannot forget to share the pictures with you guys.

Botanical garden

The whole experience was very memorable, and I am happy to share it with everyone!

Step by Step Tutorial

Firstly, you will need Instagram for this editing style.
You will go to Instagram’s story in the top left-hand corner and grab any photo that you would like.
Once you have picked the photo make sure to pick Times New Roman font as shown and type Vogue and move it to the top of the picture. Lastly, you will want to pick a topic article to showcase on the cover or a quote, and remember to be creative about it!

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