Being a ghost has been a nightmare and a dream of mine. This is an amazing way I can be both because you can see me! I love being surrounded by purple flowers because it is truly my favorite color. The woods not so much but I have somewhere I can haunt. I am kidding I would never haunt anyone or would I?

How to Tutorial

I did this using gimp so you have to download it in order to do it. The first thing you are going to do is select an image with a person and a background you would want them to be in. It took me awhile to understand what I was doing just because I had no instructions. Once you have both images you click on the photo with the person and use the scissor tool in the top left corner to trace around the person. One you have done that you copy and paste the person that’s been traced out into the background you chose. Then you click on the background and go to the mode which is set to normal and change it to Grain Merge. You then can change the opacity down depending on how visible you want the “ghost” to be.

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