In 1987, Kai Figge was walking into his local library to use their computers just for fun. As he is walking to the computers the librarian stops him and says, “Don’t forget to read the warning poster listed near the computers”. Kai was a little annoyed but at the same time, he knows she was doing her job. He then approaches the computer station and starts to read the poster the librarian was talking about.

warning poster

 Kai gets very confused because he has never heard of a virus on a computer before. Kai asks the person sitting next to him, “how do you know what websites not to use for the viruses” the person shrugs because they do not know either. Kai then goes on a gaming site his friends said was super fun to play on. He forgets the site’s name so it took him a while to find the site after a few mess-ups. Finally, he types in the site one letter at a time and presses enter. As soon as he presses enter there is a very loud screeching noise coming from the computer.

He starts getting nervous and then he sees a pop up on the screen saying he gave the computer a virus. He is so disappointed in himself but also worried about what will happen once the librarian comes back over. He starts to hear her footsteps in the distance as she gets closer.

The librarian starts shouting, “Did you not listen to what I said to you!” Kai starts to get nervous now. The librarian continues, “Get out you can’t follow the rules so you don’t get to use our equipment!” Kai is even more disappointed because he did not know that would happen. Kai sighs to himself, “I’ll never listen to my friends again”, he then starts to kick rocks because of the disappointment he feels towards himself.

He turns the street corner to find his house. He walks inside kicks off his shoes and tells the story to his brother of what just happened. His brother laughs at him and Kai starts to laugh with him. Once their laugher subsided they looked at each other and….

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