Reflection of Vignelli:

My Take Away from Vignelli Booklet

Design Blitz:

Design Blitz

Daily Create:

Design Assignments (12 stars):

Are We There Yet? (3 stars):

Are We There Yet?- Sharks I got an Idea

Vogue Challenge (2 stars):

Vogue Challenge- 1,2,3 Pose!

Favorite Movie Quote (2.5 stars):

Favorite Movie Quote- How is Blonde an Insult

One Story/Four Icons (2 stars):

One Story/ Four Icons

A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing (4.5 stars):

Rivals become the Same

Animated GIFs:


I am starting to get the hang of the different assignment aspects for this class. WordPress has become an easier application every time I have used it. I do feel I have completed the assignment to the best of the requirements. Nothing gave me trouble on this assignment for me to be able to pinpoint certain aspects. I do believe the gifs were newer so it took a minute to catch into the task. I enjoyed doing the design assignments the most especially the logo one because it just was satisfying to see the final product. I learned how to create a gif in this assignment and different aspects of design. I would have wished to do the design blitz on a sunny day but unfortunately, it was been raining all week in Massachusetts. I don’t have any questions about anything at this time. I actually traveled to Massachusetts on Monday so that is an issue surrounding my work. My grandpa is coming out of a rehab facility so my family needed to come help him regain back his strength. The biggest issue though by far is the fact my grandpa does not have wifi in his home so I have to go to the library across the street to submit my assignments.

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