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5/20 Daily Create

5/21 Daily Create

5/22 Daily Create

5/23 Daily Create

Visual Assignments:

—Draw It: http://www.smds106life.info/dc/dc-dc/draw-it-dog-life/ (2 stars)

http://www.smds106life.info/dc/dc-dc/enhancing-your-vision/ (2 stars)

http://www.smds106life.info/dc/dc-dc/wheres-the-ghost/ (3 stars)

Photo Safari:

Reflection of sources used in Visual Storytelling

Summary of Visual Story Telling

I learned how to use different visual platforms to tell a story. The visual assignments link was very difficult to navigate to complete the assignment. The organization was the easiest proportion of the assignment because it came together very nicely. My phone died during the photo safari so that drove me crazy knowing it wasted 2 minutes waiting for my phone to turn on. I really enjoyed the visual storytelling given I do not have a creative bone in my body.

I believe I successfully created the requirements on the assignment even though I would have liked to take more pictures. I am still having trouble with WordPress also, so it makes the tasks very difficult to complete. I enjoy the creativity of the assignments because it allows leeway for almost anything to happen. I learned there is a lot to technology that I still do not know and different aspects of it especially involving photos. I would ask for help from someone because I am not confident at all with the work I have produced so far. No questions at this moment in time. I was traveling a lot towards the end of the week so I needed to figure out when the right time to do this assignment which I would say was a societal impact on me during this assignment process.

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