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Elbert’s technique and other cinematic techniques

Look. Listen. Analyze.


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I haven’t had much feedback myself but I’ve been giving myself feedback. I don’t freak out when I don’t understand something or in everything you fail before you succeed. I struggled with the video editing but I didn’t struggle too much because I was able to figure it out. This week’s assignment was pretty easy in terms of past assignments but the video editing was time consuming. The video analyze was the most challenge for this assignment because of the details in every frame. I learned their is a story in every scene which is very interesting to have learned. I did not think it would take me as long as it did with the video analyze so I would say that was harder than I thought. The summaries of Elbert and the video technique’s was the easiest to get done by far. The video editing drove me crazy because I kept messing up in certain parts of the editing. I enjoyed every part of this weeks assignments they were fun and I learned a lot.

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