In Ebert’s writing, he mentions different techniques used in film to make the audience intrigued about what they are watching. Intrinsic weighting was the technique bring out the emotional reaction in film and this technique does work when put into a film. He also mentioned this technique can sometimes be used without the director’s direct knowledge. It is almost inevitable that this technique will be used in a film. He then goes on to explain golden ratio which depending on the persons location in the frame will bring out a different emotion from the audience and also be able to tell the emotion the character is giving. If there is another character in the frame it will show the dominance of one of the character especially if they are on the right side of the frame. I do not know of this technique works but it Elbert said it is a universal technique for all film directors. Elbert also explains when a frame moves it is from dominant than the still frames in the work especially if it’s to a particular side in the frame. I believe this technique is true because it is eye catching to the audience so we are drawn to the moving parts of the film. He talks about brightness and darkness and explains that brightness is dominate over darkness. I disagree with this technique because when watching “Strangers on a Train” the darkness emphasized what is about to happen in the film and even adjust the focus to the new darkness. He mentions the importance of intrinsic weighting and how it creates attention and tension within the film which makes the audience enticed to the film. I do believe it creates this because as humans it is in our nature to want to watch something that brings out a certain emotion.

In the Hitchcock video, he discusses how changing one frame from a piece of film can change the whole attitude of it. He starts by showing a man looking at something and then the frame changes to a baby in which he smiles. This gave the emotion that he likes babies and he is a kind man. They changed the middle frame to a girl in a bikini and now he’s a weird old man that stares at girls. This frame work helps to bring different emotions out to the audience and it succeed at doing it. Now in the Tarantino film it shows a lot of looking up shoots of the characters. These frames bring out a sense of dominance to those characters and also the emotion fright because they have the upper hand especially with weapons. Many of the frames were fighting scenes which made it seem like we were involved since we were looking up at the characters.  We become a character in the film because they are looking at us as if we are the character on the ground. In the zoom technique used in the shining it gives us a lot of messages. When a shot was zooming out of frame it wanted us to look around to see what else is happening in frame and in some other things were happening whether that is people moving in frame or objects. When zooming in was used in the film it made us only look at one thing in frame and it gave us an emotion whether that me fright, confusion, or curiosity. There was one frame that zoomed in on the dead body and you are wondering while it is zooming in who and how did this happening which allows the audience to want to watch more. 

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