During the analyzing of the camera work the camera switches over fifty times between frames. The camera angles are very specific to what is happening in that particular fame. The quality of light was prominent during majority of the scene besides when the shark is sinking because it’s blood consumes the whole screen. The cuts between each frame allows us to see both the sharks perspective and the person fighting the shark which tells us all this without the use of audio. The camera angles suggest that we are the shark or we are the human in the scene because of how the camera is facing during the scenes. During the whole scene we understand the human’s objective is to kill the shark because it seems the scenario is kill or be killed. Towards the end of the scene we realize that the shark has a pipe in its mouth and once the guy shoots it the shark explodes. The visuals told the story for us without knowing any before knowledge or audio.

The screen starts out with intense music playing in the background. Then we hear water and the guy say “Come on. Show me the tank”. Then the intense music increases and we hear a couple gun shots. The guy talks again and says “blow up” followed by “smile you son of” he gets cut off by another gun shot. This time we hear an explosion take place following the gun shot. The guy then screams but in a good way not as if he was scared. The intense music starts to decline after this takes place. Then we hear the sound of water moving again along with birds chirping loud. He hear dialogue now and it’s someone laughing and then hear “can we get in on those” followed by water moving. The music is almost completely died down and you just hear a conversation between two people along with birds chirping. With the intense music playing and what the character was saying the audience understood he wanted to shoot the tank we do not know exactly why from the audio. Dialogue doesn’t happen very often in the scene but sound effects occur quite often. The use of the water sound effect allows us to know that there is water around as well as the gun we know there is danger around. All of these enact intrinsic weighting into the audio.

Everything being out together alongs us to feel another sense of intrinsic weighting. When the shark goes down into water after being shot the water gets red and it starts sinking in the left frame which I missed before. That frame allowed us to know the negative thing is now sinking to the bottom of the ocean. This technique occurs during the shooting of the tank sequence as well which allows us to know the shark has not been a positive character. While the two character’s are paddling away they are also in the right side of the frame which gives us the feeling knowing the bad is gone. 

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