In “Moon Graffiti”, describes the moon in such a way the listeners cannot help but visualize it. They describe it in such detail that it almost feels as if we are watching everything happen. They use old radio dispatch as if we are listening to Neil and Buzz land on the moon for the first time. The broadcast made by Nixon makes the listener feel as if this incident had actually happened. The ominous music playing as the narrator speaks allows us to know the future audio will be scary or uneasy. There is a transition sound to go to the beginning of the story with Buzz and Neil trying to discover the aftermath of their landing with sound effects as if they are talking to radio or camera. Since it is very quiet except for the obvious voices and sound effects it gives the feeling of space since there is no noise in space. The sound effects once they go out of the spacecraft to see the damage of their spacecraft was amazing. Without the camera clicks, we would not even know that the two were not in the spacecraft anymore. The ending of the broadcast made us believe that Neil and Buzz had actually not made it back to Earth with the message from Neil. I believe the story ending and starting with the message gave us a sense of what was to come and allow the viewers to believe the story.

Sound in stories is the leading visual for the listener. Without the sound effects we would not get to experience the amount of visuals of imagination when there are sound effects. Music brings a sense of mood to the audio piece such as upbeat, ominous, sad, or adventurous sound tracks. The music builds the atmosphere along with the sound effects because of its relation to the story.

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