Before reading this article I did not know who Massimo Vignelli was but I did know the art he created. I was pleasantly surprised to find out he designed the American Airlines logo back in 2013. I do believe they should not have changed the logo because the other one was more eye-catching than the one they have now. Vignelli also created the design of the New York City subway system which was very surprising to me. I never would have thought only one person created the design of such a huge part of a city especially given its landmass. It was mentioned multiple times that the New York City subway design was his greatest achievement and I would agree because that is a huge project for someone to have to undergo. The most impressive achievement has to be the design of the font Helvetica. It mentions that Helvetica is the most good looking font to be on a poster or paper and I competely agree it is very eye catching.

This booklet gave me a lot of knowledge on design techniques. The first design technique that made me completely understand it was typography. Vignelli helped me understand that it not only is just about the font it has to do with its effect on the audience and how it showcases the point the designer wants to make. I also learned that design techniques help each other showcase the design. Color is one of the design techniques that are in every single design whether that is the absence of design or it helps display the focus on a certain aspect of the design. The best example from Vignelli’s work has to be the New York City subway system because he designed that the different trains would have different colors to help passengers be able to navigate the subway easier. This showed color in the best way in my opinion.

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