The quote that I used and what is my favorite quote was said by Eleanor Roosevelt. She was the First Lady to Theodore Roosevelt who accomplished many things as president and was the only president to serve three terms. I mention Theodore Roosevelt because I was learning about him when I came across the quote his wife Eleanor said. I love Eleanor’s quote so much because it gives you perspective of if you talk with your peers about bigger subjects you are a more likely to be an intelligent individual. Surprisingly enough I talk to my friends about very pressing issues in society whether that be in the United States or over seas. I am a Political Science major so I learn about many current events affecting societies. I learn about these subjects in school some I may have been familiar with beforehand but I will still share the subjects with my peers. I think it is very important to know what is going around not just in the United States but also other countries. Many people have different opinions on what United States stance should be in regards to foreign leaders but I believe it is good to be involved. I am getting carried away but my point is that knowledge is something everyone should strive to gain more of whether that is now or over the years. Remember to discuss ideas today and gain a little more knowledge from the previous day.

Step by Step Tutorial

Go to file import audio. Filter through the audios you would like to use they need to be the same song but sung differently.
Press the red button on the top to record. You choose any quote that is your favorite and speak it.

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