As we know Clarence is very care free, jovial, and naïve before we begin this story so let’s dive right in to discover more.  Clarence has always been a special […]

Ring Ring Ring

Hey guys! Have you guys ever been in a situation where someone did not answer your phone call. Well I have answered your prays! You can now have the ability […]

Timeless Quotes

The quote that I used and what is my favorite quote was said by Eleanor Roosevelt. She was the First Lady to Theodore Roosevelt who accomplished many things as president […]

Sleep Restored

I have always had trouble sleeping at night which has led me to try everything between medications and working out. Unfortunately, nothing has worked which has led me to have […]

Oh no!

Hey guys! This type of celebration has to be the worst because its bittersweet. It is a lot more bitter once you realize you jumped the gun and lost your […]