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Hey guys!

Have you ever been in the dilemma of wanting two brands at one time? Well, I think I have fixed your problems. Here is my new logo Adidas, just do it! It is the best of both worlds while also allowing the rivalry to subdue so everyone can wear the companies in harmony. This logo is also in the trial stages so you guys can help me to change it so everyone will like the new logo. I do have some products on the market with the new logo so comment if you would like the trial set of items. This company has been a dream of mine to create so as many people supporting this new company will mean the world to me. My products will be half the price of the original companies but with the same qualities as the companies. I never believed in up charging a product solely based on a popular new brand. I will take this belief throughout the entirety of my company’s existence.

Step by Step Tutorial

Add both the rival companies you want to merge together into one logo.
Using the scissor tool trace both logos and delete the one you will replacing with the other and then copy and paste the other one in place of it.
Then click on the scale feature in the top left and click on the logo you choose to grow.
Use the eraser tool to clean up the edges or get anything left over from the previous logo.
Then use the paint tool to also spruce the image.

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