original picture before editing
After editing

Legally Blonde is a great movie with many iconic moments. This moment I believe is the best line in the whole movie. She wanted to get into Harvard Law School because her ex-boyfriend is attending it and she gets in and bumps into him in the hallway. Her ex-boyfriend asked her, “You got into Harvard Law?”, and she responded with such an iconic comeback. Elle woods despite her airhead nature in the beginning is actually a very intelligent individual and it shows with her wittiness throughout the movie. Someone that wants to be a lawyer should always remember to believe in yourself because if you doubt yourself someone against you in court will definitely use that in their favor. I aspire to be as brave and gutsy as Elle was in the movie but that would require some type of move like bend and snap!

Step by Step Tutorial

You will need an iPhone for the editing of this picture. In the top right corner, there is an editing button, and you will click it to continue.
After this, you click the three dots in the top right corner, and it will bring you to mark up.
You then will click on markup and click the plus button in the right corner.
You then will click the text and put any form of text in this and you can drag it anywhere on the photo

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